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Elysiara Chamberlain

Family Injury, Immigration and Workers Compensation

Elysiara “Lysi” Chamberlain is a dedicated attorney at Fillmore Spencer, adept at navigating the complexities of family law, immigration, and workers’ compensation. Lysi is driven by a deep commitment to family well-being and utilizes her diverse legal expertise to help children, empower individuals, and ensure fair treatment for all.

Lysi’s educational journey began at Brigham Young University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English, honing her critical thinking and communication skills. Driven by a desire to advocate for others, she pursued her legal education at Northern Illinois University College of Law, graduating with a Doctor of Law in 2022. Lysi’s fluency in Spanish adds another dimension to her legal practice, allowing her to serve a wider range of clients effectively.

Her chosen areas of practice reflect Lysi’s core values. In family law, she understands the profound impact legal matters can have on families and strives to guide clients through challenging situations with compassion and clarity. Whether navigating divorce, child custody, or adoption, Lysi prioritizes the well-being of children and works tirelessly to achieve positive outcomes.

Lysi’s passion for advocacy extends to the realm of immigration law. Recognizing the anxieties and uncertainties individuals face navigating the legal system, she provides empathetic and knowledgeable counsel, helping clients secure visas, green cards, and citizenship.

With a keen understanding of the challenges workers face, Lysi also specializes in workers’ compensation. She fiercely advocates for injured workers, ensuring they receive fair compensation and appropriate medical care.

Beyond her legal expertise, Lysi brings a genuine warmth and understanding to her practice. She builds strong relationships with her clients, listening intently to their concerns and working collaboratively to achieve their goals. Her dedication to service extends beyond the courtroom, as she actively participates in the community, volunteering her time and legal expertise to various organizations.

If you face a legal issue in family law, immigration, or workers’ compensation, Elysiara Chamberlain is a trusted advocate who will champion your rights and fight for your best interests.

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Championing Families and Workers' Rights

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Lysi Chamberlain, your champion for family, immigration, and workers’ rights. Fluent in Spanish, she combines legal expertise with compassion to guide you through life’s challenges. Let Lysi advocate for you and your loved ones.

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