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Author: Kara North

Internet Safety Alert – Social Media & Lawyers

In my legal practice, I primarily represent individuals injured in automobile accidents. Many of my clients experience significant physical and emotional injuries. If given the option to turn back time and avoid the injury or go through the litigation process, even with the prospect of a potential settlement, every client would avoid the injury. However, when litigation is the only option to obtain fair compensation for my clients’ injuries, I inevitably end up on a lengthy social media search of not only my clients’ accounts, but also those of the opposing party.

So You’ve Been In Accident – What Now?

Did you know that on average, Americans spend the equivalent of nearly one work week stuck in traffic each year?[1] Sounds miserable doesn’t it? What can make it even worse is if you happen to be in one of the roughly 50,600 vehicles on Utah roads each year involved in a reported accident.

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