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Author: Mark Stubbs

Mark Stubbs CLE Independant Contractors

Independent Contractor or Employee? That is the Question

Mark D. Stubbs has been practicing law for more than 40 years. While he has been licensed in Utah, Idaho, and Arizona, Mark’s clients span the Western United States. His practice has focused on representing growing businesses in their day-to-day legal matters and contract matters, including licensing, distribution, small company acquisition, and asset sales.

COVID-19 Precautions at a job site

COVID-19 Business Liability

Some of our business clients have contacted us regarding potential liability to employees and or customers related to exposure to COVID-19. Worker’s Compensation Claims for

Getting Insurance Companies to Pay – Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

Insurance is a wonderful thing. Many of us rely heavily on the risk spreading value of having a good insurance policy. Few if any of us could afford to pay for our house if it were destroyed by fire or replace our car if it is wrecked in an accident. Insurance is essential in today’s world. A personal injury lawyer can help you if your insurance company is withholding the money you deserve.

Young entrepreneur startup plans

Business Start-ups Excitement – Risk.

In my thirty years, plus, of practicing law I have consulted with dozens and dozens of start-up entrepreneurs. Some succeed and many fail but all start out enthusiastic and optimistic. It is the enthusiasm for a new product or new idea that catches my attention and makes it fun to practice law.

The Net Effect: What to Consider When Taking Your Business Online

A man who had spread some damaging gossip about a neighbor went to his Rabbi to confess and seek counsel about how to repair the damage done. “Go and put a goose down feather on every doorstep in the village” instructed the Rabbi, “and report back when this is done.”

Will An Online Will Cover My Needs?

I’m often asked, “When should I do estate planning?” The answer for the majority of the population is now. For some, the need to name guardians for their minor children is the motivator for getting planning in place. For others, the fuel to their planning fire is a special needs child, a feuding family, an upcoming foreign vacation, a child struggling with addiction, wanting to prevent minor children from getting their share of life insurance and other inheritance at the green age of eighteen, the need to reduce estate tax exposure and the list is nearly endless.

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