There was a family in Utah with a child named Josh who had special needs. Josh had cerebral palsy and required a wheelchair to move around. The family was concerned about how they would provide for Josh’s long-term care and ensure that he could continue to receive government benefits.

The family consulted with an experienced estate planning attorney at Fillmore Spencer who recommended that they create a Special Needs Trust for Josh. The trust was designed to provide for Josh’s long-term care while still preserving his eligibility for government benefits.

Over the years, the family worked with the trustee to ensure that Josh’s needs were met. The trustee used the trust funds to pay for Josh’s medical expenses, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and doctor visits. They also used the funds to purchase a specialized van that could accommodate Josh’s wheelchair, which allowed him to travel more easily with the family.

As Josh grew older, the family was able to use the trust to pay for modifications to their home that made it more accessible for him. They installed a ramp at the front door and widened the doorways to accommodate Josh’s wheelchair.

As Josh approached his 18th birthday, the family became concerned about how they would continue to provide for him. However, they were reassured by the fact that the Special Needs Trust would continue to provide for Josh’s needs even after the parents passed away.

Thanks to the Special Needs Trust, Josh was able to receive the care he needed throughout his life. The family was able to provide for him without jeopardizing his eligibility for government benefits. They also had peace of mind knowing that Josh would be taken care of even after they were gone.

At their last consultation, the family expressed that creating the Special Needs Trust was one of the best decisions they had made for their son and their own peace of mind as they navigated life’s uncertainties and prepared for the future.

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