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Getting Insurance Companies to Pay – Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

Insurance is a wonderful thing. Many of us rely heavily on the risk spreading value of having a good insurance policy. Few if any of us could afford to pay for our house if it were destroyed by fire or replace our car if it is wrecked in an accident. Insurance is essential in today’s world.

Getting another person’s insurance to pay for a personal injury or loss to you is another matter. The primary goal of the “other guy’s insurance” is to pay you as little as possible in order to save the company money and keep premiums down. We like it when it is our company having to pay someone else, but we don’t like it when it is someone else’s insurance not paying our claims.

Personal injury attorneys supply the grease that keeps the wheels of the insurance business rolling. It is too much to hope that if all insurance companies paid up without objection we wouldn’t need attorneys. That of course, will never happen, mainly because of the competing interests described above. We want our premiums to say low and we want the other guy’s policy to pay. These competing interests keep the system in check on both sides of the spectrum.

As attorneys, we can assist clients in trying to get paid on claims. We normally do not charge a fee upfront but only after we recover money for you. If we recover no money, we get no fee – plain and simple. Personal injury attorneys usually charge 1/3 of the recovery as a fee. From the attorney’s point of view, the averages work out to be fair compensation per hour of work.

Please let us know when you have a claim that requires our assistance in collecting on an insurance policy. Our personal injury lawyers have many years of experience and we can help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Mark D. Stubbs is a founding partner at Fillmore Spencer.  Mark has been practicing law for more than 40 years in the states of Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. He seeks the most effective and economical solutions to business, employment, and other legal matters confronting his clients, who hail from all around the state of Utah.  Mark currently focuses his practice on business disputes, employment law, mediation and arbitration, business planning and organization, contracts, and negotiations.

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