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Clientes representativos de Fillmore Spencer LLC

(pasado y presente)


  • America’s Freedom Festival
  • Ancestry.com
  • Bennett Communications, Inc.
  • Blom International, LLC
  • Bookcraft, Inc.
  • Cargill, Inc.
  • Center for Change
  • Chef’s Table Restaurant
  • Clean Flicks Media, Inc.
  • Clive Roundy Construction, Inc.
  • Clyde Companies, Inc.
  • Commercial Properties, Inc.
  • ConnectShare, LLC
  • CSB Nutrition, Inc.
  • Eagle Mortgage Company, Inc.
  • Ensign-Bickford Company
  • EPlanet Communications
  • FamilyLink.com, Inc.
  • Fibernet Corporation
  • Frost Biologic, Inc.
  • GE Capital/I-SIM
  • Global Voice Network, Inc.
  • Granny B’s Cookies, Inc.
  • Hansen Mountaineering, Inc.
  • Horizon Home Health, LC
  • Hotel Park City
  • Imagine Learning, Inc.
  • IMCentric, Inc.
  • J Dawgs, LLC
  • J.P. Freeman Company
  • Johnny Miller Enterprises, Inc.
  • Jones Paint & Glass, Inc.
  • LaJolla Groves, LLC
  • Linear Signal, Inc.
  • Magleby’s Fresh, Inc.
  • Marie, Inc.
  • Mid-State Consultants, Inc.
  • Millenniata, Inc.
  • Mountainland Head Start, Inc.
  • NACT Telecommunications, Inc.
  • NextPage, Inc.
  • Novations Group, Inc.
  • Nuvont Communications Group, Inc.
  • Olson’s Greenhouse Gardens, Inc.
  • Paul Ream Enterprises, Inc.
  • PayDay Resources, LLC
  • PC Crafter, Inc.
  • Pinetree Associates, LLC
  • PowerQuest Corporation
  • Provo College
  • Public Surplus, LLC
  • ReadyPak Corporation
  • Results Based Leadership Group, Inc.
  • Rimports International, LLC
  • Sustainable Energy Solutions, LLC
  • Solution X Global, LLC
  • SpinGo Corp.
  • SRATS, Inc.
  • Statue of Responsibility Foundation
  • Teamworks Professional Employer, Inc.
  • The Training Company, Inc.
  • Timpview Analytical Laboratories, Inc.
  • TK Biotech, Inc.
  • Unicity International, Inc.
  • US Synthetic Corporation
  • Utah Business Magazine
  • Utah Community Credit Union
  • Utah County Association of Realtors
  • Utah Valley Health Clinic
  • Viewpoint Corporation
  • Wavetronix, Inc.
  • Western Pipe Coaters & Engineers, Inc.
  • Wicked Audio, Inc.
  • Wing Enterprises, Inc.
  • Wolf Electronix Corporation
  • Young Living Essential Oils, LC

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Our Firm’s Awards

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Our Address


Fillmore Spencer LLC

At Jamestown Square

3301 North University Avenue

Provo, Utah 84604

(801) 426-8200

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Retenga un bufete de abogados experimentado de Provo para ayudarlo en su caso


Nuestros abogados de lesiones personales en Fillmore Spencer LLC conocen el trauma que traen lesiones graves y catastróficas, no solo para las víctimas, sino también para las familias de las víctimas. También comprendemos todas las complejidades de la ley de lesiones personales de Utah y luchamos para obtener un acuerdo o una decisión judicial que lo compense a usted y a su familia por sus problemas y penas. Contáctenos hoy para organizar su consulta inicial gratuita.

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Provo Law Office

Murray Law Office

St. George Law Office

through March 1st

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