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I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Mark Dodd on the civil commitment of our daughter. We had a short deadline and he work long hours for several days through the weekend. And he delivered what he said he would. His knowledge of the law regarding civil commitment a relief to find. He is one of the few in the state of Utah that has this knowledge and experience. I highly recommend him.
David Kelly
February 15, 2024.
Mark Dodd, from Fillmore Spencer, did a wonderful job for the case involving our daughter. The hospital where we checked in our daughter tried to file for civil commitment against our wishes. From the moment we called him he was checking into where our case had been filed, who the other attorney was, what the judge was like, what standard procedures were like in the court, etc. After hiring him on Friday afternoon, he worked late Friday night, called us Saturday and then again on Monday, more than once, in preparation for court. He answered all questions and provided all requested backup documentation. He ended up educating our judge about the statute because it was clear she was unfamiliar and he taught the other attorney about how cases like ours should be handled! In the end he won it for us. We feel like it was a miracle to have found him when we did.
Bruce Mato
February 15, 2024.
Randy was amazing and helped us receive compensation for a car that we had been scammed on due to a flipped odometer. We were extremely in the hole in debt because of this and didn’t have a working car. Randy walked us through the process of how to get our money back. I would 100% recommend Fillmore Spencer LLC to anyone in need of their services.
Kolton Madsen
December 8, 2023.
Update: The day after I posted this review, I got a call from one of the partners at the firm. He told me he'd looked at my case and it was clear there was some miscommunication and things weren't communicated as clearly as they should have been. He was very apologetic and ended up telling accounting to wipe our remaining balance. I'm impressed he took the time to reach out and do that for us, so I've changed my review to 5 stars. Let me say first off, we used them for an uncontested stepparent adoption. The process was quick and everything went through as expected. However, we feel a little deceived and that they misrepresented the amount we would owe. We paid the inital retainer and received an invoice when everything was filed and we were just waiting for the final hearing. This invoice indicated that only about $1400 of the $2000 retainer had been used. Weeks after our final hearing and weeks after everything was finalized I reached out about receiving that remaining $600 back. I was told more work had been done after that initial invoice and to expect another invoice soon. I received that invoice today and they conveniently billed exactly the $612.50 that was left to use up our whole retainer and now we owe another almost $400 to the court that I assumed was paid from our retainer when the paperwork was filed. If they hadn't sent that first invoice, this wouldn't bug me so much. But because they did, it looked like we were going to get money back and now we owe significantly more. It feels deceptive and it's left a bad taste in our mouths. This is a fine law office (they got my name wrong on multiple occasions though which was annoying) but just know that they're in it for the money.
Kayly Snyder
November 15, 2023.
Matt was one kickass man that's again Matt. I will always hire you for anything. Your the best.
Jessie Sloan
October 19, 2023.
Lysi was very helpful and professional to attend my needs, she answered my questions and supported me well, Highly recommended :)
Saul Villalobos Perez
September 28, 2023.
I came here for the same reasons other people would: I saw good reviews and I decided to call. Best decision I ever made was calling here and getting Danny Balser as my attorney. He made an extremely stressful time into something I could feel comfortable with trusting him on. He listened to my issue and came with the best possible outcome for me due to his experience and attention to detail, which honestly probably helped me now and in the future. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a lawyer for criminal defense. Thank you.
David Castro
September 8, 2023.
Definitely recommend Danny. He did an awesome job on my case and is one of the nicest people out there.👍
Pat Bateman
July 25, 2023.
I highly recommend Laura Lui and Randy Spencer! Laura made everything run silky smooth for me to get my green card and when it was time for citizenship, she was on top of it. Always stood behind me and made sure I got the necessary applications done. Fia is remarkable staff! They are all just so organized and know what they are doing! Thank you Fillmore Spencer! Best firm ever!
Angie Habel
July 20, 2023.
I have so many good things to say. Randy Spencer and Laura Lui are the most honest, respectful, and hard working attorneys ever. Their staff are responsive and professional. It boils down to one word, competent!
Daren Habel
July 20, 2023.

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resolviendo problemas y aprovechando oportunidades para usted, su familia y su negocio.

Del derecho empresarial y comercial al derecho de lesiones personales, familiar y penal —
Capacidades de grandes empresas con un toque de pequeña empresa

Bienvenido a Fillmore Spencer LLC, un equipo de casi dos docenas de abogados que ayudan a los residentes y a las pequeñas y medianas empresas a resolver asuntos legales apremiantes de manera exhaustiva, rápida y rentable todos los días. Representamos a una amplia gama de clientes de Utah para una variedad de asuntos legales:


Asesoramos y representamos a clientes que buscan justicia y compensación por lesiones graves causadas por la negligencia de otros. También ayudamos a los residentes de Utah a resolver derecho de familia  y cuestiones de  planificación patrimonial . Brindamos asesoramiento y representamos a personas que necesitan responder a cargos criminales  o participar en investigaciones policiales.


Desde pequeñas empresas privadas hasta corporaciones medianas y compañías de responsabilidad limitada (LLC), ayudamos a las empresas a navegar o resolver desafíos legales relacionados con contratos, empleo, regulación, propiedad intelectual, bienes raíces y otros negocios.

Soluciones legales reales

Sirviendo a nuestros clientes y comunidad con excelencia e integridad

En Fillmore Spencer LLC, nos dedicamos a construir relaciones a largo plazo con nuestros clientes y con la comunidad. Hemos servido como asesores legales del Festival de la Libertad de Estados Unidos en Provo desde 1996, y nuestros patrocinios de la comunidad empresarial incluyen Corporate Alliance y el Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum.

Nuestros abogados de leyes federales de inmigración ayudan a los clientes en todo el país a obtener ciudadanía, tarjetas verdes y visas de todo tipo

Te ayudaremos en cada paso del camino

Fillmore Spencer entiende que el sistema legal puede parecer intimidante. Es por eso que nuestros abogados siempre explican la ley que se aplica a su caso y se aseguran de que comprenda el por qué detrás de nuestras estrategias y acciones. También creemos en hacer las cosas bien la primera vez, por lo que nos tomamos el tiempo para comprender sus objetivos desde el principio. A medida que avanza su caso, nos aseguramos de mantenerlo actualizado sobre todos los desarrollos.

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Ya sea que sea residente de Utah o sea propietario de una empresa local, en Fillmore Spencer LLC encontrará un equipo objetivo, compasivo y altamente competente con un enfoque enfocado a su dilema legal. Contáctenos para una consulta inicial gratuita para ver cómo nuestros abogados probados por los tribunales pueden ayudarlo con su problema legal.

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