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Helping Provo Residents Survive the Aftermath of Serious Car Accidents

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Personal Injury

Utah Valley personal injury lawyers help you get compensation for serious and catastrophic injuries

Our Utah car accident attorneys help when you’re injured by someone driving a motor vehicle. If your future is compromised as the result of a serious collision with another vehicle, consider the legal team at Fillmore Spencer LLC in Provo. We work with victims of Utah car accidents to help them get compensation for their current and future troubles. We also help get the insurance to pay you the money you deserve.

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Car Accident Lawyers

Car or truck, the results of an automobile accident can be life changing

While collisions with trucks typically cause the most fatalities, collisions with automobiles can be just as life-altering. Serious injuries can include temporary disability due to brain and spinal injury, coma, and loss of vision, not to mention wounds that take months to heal. Catastrophic injuries include permanent head and spinal cord trauma, coma, paralysis, loss of vision, loss of limb and severe burn injuries.

Whatever the cause, you are likely to require weeks or months of physical rehabilitation, and possibly occupational training as well. And you may not be able to earn income to provide for yourself and your family. Your best chances of being made as whole as possible after your accident may be to file a personal injury case seeking compensation for your injuries and the opportunities they will later deny you. The negligent driver’s insurance company will try to minimize any money they pay you. After a Utah car accident, we can help you be treated fairly and shoulder your burdens.

Car accidents

If you were injured due to the fault or negligence of another driver, we can help. There are also many other potential causes of a car accident, including road conditions at the time, the engineering design of the road, traffic management and signage, whether the other car was properly maintained, whether a pedestrian or third driver caused the first driver to seek evasive action that precipitated your serious injuries, and the integrity of the other car’s parts and braking, steering and other systems.

Determining the cause of your accident

There can be any number of factors that contribute to your car accident, and Fillmore Spencer LLC car accident attorneys pursues them all. We examine such potential causes as:

  • The other driver. Is there evidence to suggest the person might have been talking or texting on a cellphone, rubbernecking, adjusting a radio, or paying attention to a passenger or other distraction? Might the driver have been sleep-deprived, possibly because of prescriptions known to cause drowsiness? Was the individual impaired by alcohol or other substances, speeding, or driving aggressively or recklessly?
  • The accident report. Did the police accurately describe the scene?
  • Weather conditions. Was the threat of fog or ice sufficiently obvious that the other operator should have been driving slower?
  • Road conditions and design. Was a detour in effect? Was the intersection properly regulated by signs and lights? Should a sign indicating black ice or warning that a bridge freezes before the road have been in place?
  • Traffic and other third-party considerations. Was a pedestrian’s misstep or a third vehicle operator’s mistake the reason the other vehicle collided with yours?
  • Were both vehicles properly maintained, or was one susceptible to part or system failure? Should the other driver have known the brakes needed replacing? Is the vehicle’s manufacturer liable if a known fault contributed to your accident? Is the manufacturer of a faulty car part responsible?

"Where there is no accountability, there will also be no responsibility."


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What if you are partially at fault for the accident?

Utah follows a comparative negligence rule (also known as contributory negligence) in awarding personal injury and wrongful death damages. This means you cannot receive compensation for your portion of the responsibility. If the jury determines you were 40 percent responsible for the mishap, the counterparty can only be held responsible for 60 percent of the damages. Furthermore, Utah law provides that if you are 50 percent or more responsible for the accident causing your personal injuries, you will not receive an award.

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Entrust your personal injury case to an experienced Provo law firm

Our legal team at Fillmore Spencer LLC has represented Utah Valley residents in all types of car-related personal injury and wrongful death cases for many years. Many lawyers and doctors have hired us to represent them, their family members and their clients/patients. We understand what you and your family are going through, and we explore every opportunity to secure the compensation you deserve. Call our Provo office at (801) 426-8200 or contact us online today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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