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Is NIL Money And Pressure to Win Putting College Students at Risk?

Yesterday, Utah State University football coach Blake Anderson and a number of members of his coaching staff were placed on leave. Though available details of the investigation leading to this action are minimal, it was apparently related to violations of the Federal Title IX law prohibiting sex-based discrimination in any school or educational program receiving government funds. 

Obligation to Report Title IX Allegations

Coaches are in a class of “mandatory reporters” under Title IX. If they are aware of a report of sexual discrimination, sexual assault, etc., they are required to report the incident to the school’s Title IX office. The most probable inference from the facts that have been disclosed is that Blake Anderson and other coaches were aware of accusations of sexual assault or discrimination made against his football players and failed to fulfill their duty to report the matter.

Title IX Allegations and The Business of College Sports

If a college athlete is reported for a Title IX violation, the university is required to investigate that claim, and if found guilty, the athlete can face various sanctions, including dismissal from the university. If the athlete is expelled as a student, they cannot play football. If the particular athlete is a “star” on the team, it could make the difference between winning and losing seasons. A winning season will likely generate more donations from boosters and garner more sponsors and businesses to pay players for the use of their “Name, Image, and Likeness” or NIL. Coaches like Blake Anderson are under an extreme amount of pressure to win. Recruiting and success in future years likely depend on decisions made now. With that background, it is easy to see how Coach Anderson and the other coaches may be hesitant to report Title IX violations because it may directly affect their ability to attract top players, win football games, and keep the boosters happy. Sadly, a culture that fosters reluctance to report Title IX violations makes our college campuses more dangerous for college students who left home hoping to get a good education in a safe environment. 

Title IX Investigation Advisors with Experience

Title IX allegations are not always true. Anyone accused of a Title IX allegation is entitled to an investigation and usually a hearing. They are also entitled to an “Advisor” to help them through this process. Additionally, the reporting party is entitled to have an “Advisor” assist them throughout the reporting process, investigation, and hearing. Having an attorney who can serve as an Advisor can bring you peace of mind and significant experience dealing with Title IX matters. If you find yourself in need of an attorney in relation to a Title IX matter, Fillmore Spencer’s attorney, Randall Spencer, is here to help!

Randall K. Spencer has recovered many tens of millions of dollars for his clients related to wrongful deaths, auto accidents, plane crashes, train crashes, semi-truck crashes, motorcycle accidents, slips and falls, and many other incidents caused by negligent acts of others. In his civil litigation practice, Randall has represented business both as plaintiffs and defendants in everything from simple contract or real estate cases to multi-million-dollar business litigation matters. Randall has represented multiple families who have lost loved ones due to medical neglect and other negligent conduct of doctors, hospitals, and psychologists. In Randall’s criminal defense practice, Randall is experienced in trials from Murder cases to speeding tickets and most everything in between. He has handled many white-collar crime matters in both the criminal courts and administrative proceedings.

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