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Utah Drivers Are the Best!

Auto Accidents in Utah are both less likely, and less fatal.

Driving in Utah is the best in the United States, and not just due to the beautiful scenery along our routes either.  In a recent study conducted by Car Insurance Comparison that was highlighted on Fox News, Utah was cited as the home of the Best Drivers in the United states.

Utah Drivers top the List

Using objective data, the study compared overall rate of fatal car accidents and fatal accidents caused by failure to obey laws, careless driving, drunk driving and speeding across all 50 states and the District of Columbia.   Each state was given a rank for these 5 areas and those were averaged for overall rankings.

Utah ranked 50th in drunk driving automobile accidents—meaning that drunk driving car accidents in Utah are both less common and less fatal. Alaska, Rhode Island and Texas led the nation in Drunk Driving automobile accident fatality rates while Kansas took the 51st spot in the rankings for least overall drunk driving car accident fatalities.

Utah’s worst performance came in the car accidents caused by failure to obey the law.  Utah ranked 30th of the States and DC.  Colorado, Missouri and Montana had the most fatal car accidents caused by breaking the law, and Oregon, Maryland and Connecticut took top honors for the fewest.

Utah drivers were 31st overall in fatal car accidents caused by speeding, 38th in car accidents caused by careless driving, and 46th in overall rate of fatal car accidents.  Averaged out and compared, Utah objectively has the best drivers in the nation.  Alaska came in last, with both the highest rate of drunk driving and speeding related fatal car accidents.

What Utah Car Accident Rates Mean for You

Utah’s great driving statistics can affect you in some surprising ways.  Certainly you can rest easier knowing you are less likely to die on the road, but you are also likely to have lower insurance rates.  Insurance rates are impacted by the number of people who file claims, so fewer fatal car accidents likely means lower numbers of claims and lower insurance rates overall.

Utah’s Best Personal Injury Attorneys

Our Utah personal injury attorneys often represent Utah drivers who have been injured in car accidents.  We find great satisfaction in our ability to make sure that insurance companies and other responsible parties do everything they should so a driver or passenger injured in an accident can get back to driving, working, and playing in our great state.  We are great at getting medical treatments covered so you can heal.  We can help you find a shop and get the repairs on your car covered, or get that car replaced if it is a total loss.  We can even help you get compensation for time you missed at work while you were injured.

However, even our skilled and experienced injury attorneys cannot bring someone back to life.  No amount of money can fill the hole left when a loved one is killed on the road.  So we are proud to live and work in the state with the best drivers and lowest car accident fatality rates.  Way to go Utah!

]If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident,  contact us for a free consultation with one of our Utah Car Accident Attorneys.

Randall K. Spencer has recovered many tens of millions of dollars for his clients related to wrongful deaths, auto accidents, plane crashes, train crashes, semi-truck crashes, motorcycle accidents, slips and falls, and many other incidents caused by negligent acts of others. In his civil litigation practice, Randall has represented business both as plaintiffs and defendants in everything from simple contract or real estate cases to multi-million-dollar business litigation matters. Randall has represented multiple families who have lost loved ones due to medical neglect and other negligent conduct of doctors, hospitals, and psychologists. In Randall’s criminal defense practice, Randall is experienced in trials from Murder cases to speeding tickets and most everything in between. He has handled many white-collar crime matters in both the criminal courts and administrative proceedings.

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