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Fillmore Spencer Utah Attorneys

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At Fillmore Spencer we have spent decades building our reputation as a pillar of the communities we represent around Utah as well as an expert legal practice with over 200 years of collective experience. Whatever your legal needs in St. George, we’re confident that our team can bring their unique talents and experience to bear on them.


About St. George

Nestled on the border of Arizona and Nevada, St. George is an attractive spot both to tourists and those looking for a wonderful place to live. Its friendly and welcoming people, idyllic warm weather all year round, beautiful scenery and plethora of indoor and outdoor activities make it one of the most desirable locations in the country.

Indeed, St. George is the fastest growing municipality in the country, taking the crown from Greeley, Colorado this year as house building struggles to keep up with demand. Still, it’s little wonder why St. George is such a desirable city to live. As well as all the pleasures of a major conurbation like great cafes, bars and restaurants, the citizens of St. George have easy access to some of the country’s most wonderful parks including Gunlock State Park, Snow Canyon State Park, Quail Creek State Park, Sand Hollow State Park and, of course, Zion National Park. The latter is arguably the crown jewel of Utah, with a plethora of opportunities for everything from hiking to ziplining and canyoneering.

St. George is also a vibrant hub of arts and culture, boasting a world-renowned arts festival as well as outstanding theaters and music venues such as the Vernon Worthen Park; arguably the musical centre of St. George.

It’s a wonderful, vibrant city and a community which we’ve been proud to serve ever since we were first established in 1957.  


About FS Law

Fillmore Spencer has served the good people of St. George for over 60 years. We are based in nearby Provo but we care deeply about the communities we serve all over Utah and we pride ourselves on our level of community involvement. We are active members of a range of boards and committees including the Kids Who Count Board, the United Angels Foundation Board and the Utah County Board of Adjustments.

Over the years we have build a great team of 20 attorneys, who between them have over 200 years of experience in a wide range of legal disciplines. Whether you’re coming to us as a private citizen or as the head of your own business, you will not find a law firm better equipped to handle your legal query. We are highly conversant in business law, copyright law and employment law but we also have a wealth of experience in family law, estate planning, criminal defense and real estate law.


Whatever your legal needs, FS Law is the best choice when it comes to getting the best legal representation in St. George.

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