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Fillmore Spencer Utah Attorneys

Are you looking for legal representation in Utah County? Will you settle for nothing short of the best? Do you need a law firm that’s not just at the top of its game professionally but passionate about your community? Great news, your search is over!

At Fillmore Spencer we have spent decades building our reputation as an exemplary legal practice as we built strong relationships with businesses and individuals both in our native Provo and all over Utah. Whatever your legal needs in Utah County, we’re confident that we have the experience and expertise to bring you an effective and satisfying resolution.


About Utah County

For centuries people have settled in the towns and cities of Utah County drawn by its clement weather, beautiful scenery, wonderful national parks, vibrant arts and culture and friendly, welcoming locals.

Utah County is a hub not just of arts, culture and sports but of business, innovation and industry. It’s not for nothing that the county seat St. George is the fastest growing conurbation in the United States, taking the lead from Greeley, Colorado this year.

The county sees an influx of tourists and new settlers all the time. People are drawn from all over the world to our national parks like Snow Canyon State Park, Gunlock State Park, Sand Hollow State Park, Quail Creek State Park and, of course, Zion National Park; a gorgeous and picturesque retreat that boasts a huge range of activities from hiking to canyoneering.

Just outside of Provo, we also have Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort, the home of the legendary film festival as well as the stunning Lake Utah which offers a wealth of opportunities for watersports as well as spectacular views all year round through Utah’s blazing summers and balmy winters.

Needless to say, we are deeply honored to be a part of the various communities of Utah County and it is a county which we have been proud to serve for over 6 decades.


About FS Law

Fillmore Spencer has served the good people of Utah County ever since we were first founded in 1957. We are based in Provo where we have spent decades forging successful relationships with the local businesses, boards and committees. We are deeply involved in our community and active members of a wide range of committees including the Provo Parks and Recreations Board, the Provo School District Board of Education, the Provo School District Foundation for Excellence Board and the Provo-Orem Chamber of Commerce Board as well as the Kids Who Count Board, the United Angels Foundation Board and the Utah County Board of Adjustments.

Our skilled and experienced team of 20 attorneys, have over 220 years of experience between them in a wide range of legal disciplines. What’s more, many of our members also have experience as CEOs, executives and small business owners making them ideally placed to help with queries pertaining to employment law, business law, and copyright and trademark law. We are also highly experienced in family law, estate planning, immigration law, criminal defense and real estate law.

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